VWT Enterprises is the most preferred Philippine company that produces high quality, unique and affordable bags and other handicrafts and also featured culture, heritage and local talents for the local and international market.

VWT Enterprises/Rach Crafts Bamboo Artisan Bags produces Filipino handmade crafts.
Our products/bamboo bags & purses are Individually handcrafted by our skilled artisan, creating high quality & one-of-a-kind items.
To give a little background:  My son Axel invented the name of our bags RACH-Rowena, Axel, Christian, and Hanna likewise it started as a small Office Project only to promote handmade crafts for a Provincial Solid Waste Management program.
Later on, turned the project into a business because of the increasing demand in the market.
This project is also an offshoot of my office’s Eco bag / Balik Bayong Program. People have started asking us for better designs. Luckily I was able to find someone to do the designing for me.
Most importantly, this project provides livelihoods to my province mates.