Profile of the Philippine handicraft industry [1991]
Decena, A.A. Decena, L.A. Cosico, T.B. (Forest Products Research and Development Inst., College, Laguna (Philippines). Technology Utilization Div.)


This study attempted to establish a profile of the Philippine handicraft industry, identify its problems and provide relevant information to policy makers and development agencies. More than half of the 107 firms surveyed were classified as cottage industries, and the remaining as small, medium and also large scale industries. Majority of the respondents were local suppliers and only a few were direct exporters.

A total of 13,366 workers from the surveyed areas depended largely on the industry for a living. The industry generally performed satisfactorily in terms of generating foreign exchange as well as providing employment to thousands of Filipinos. Despite the wide acceptance of handicraft items here and abroad, problems saddle the industry: because of dwindling supply of raw materials, seasonality of demands. The government and the private sectors are urged to look into alternatives that will explore the potential/growth of the industry.